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Kim - 2011 Yamaha Stryker

04/15/19-Awesome group of guys!!!! We love our bike??
Great place

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Lexi - 2014 Ford Focus

05/31/20-Yesterday I met with Paul Loggins to test drive one of their cars. As someone who always prepares for the worst case scenarios in life, Paul was the best case scenario! He answered all 285628 of my questions and was real with me. I was able to purchase my first car yesterday with the help from the coolest salesman ever and I couldn’t be happier. 10/10 would HIGHLY recommend going through Paul Loggins at Comodo Motors for any and all car purchasing needs.

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Melinda - 2012 Buick Enclave

02/27/20-We were truly happy with our experience buying a Buick Enclave from Comodo Motors. Helpful, professional, honest. Don’t go anywhere else!

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Skip - 2016 Ford F150

08/12/20-Friendly just couldn't afford one.

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Rachel - 2014 Chevy Silverado

01/28/21-So friendly and attentive to all customers. Vehicles were clean and well maintained.

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Jenna - 2014 Honda CR-V

04/11/19-They have a lot of great cars in stock and the staff is super friendly and helpful!

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Chad - 2011 Ford Ranger

01/27/22-This was my first experience buying a vehicle from out-of-town, sight-unseen. The sales process was very smooth and Enzo handled the shipping arrangements to Florida without incident. When I got the truck there were several issues with it, which initially I was pretty upset over, especially given how hard these particular trucks are to find and the repairs would not have been affordable. After some back and forth I ended up speaking with Jordan and he was honest about some dropped-balls when the vehicle was inspected on their end, some basic things weren't taken cared of and it left their dealership as he put it, "not as he would ever sell a vehicle". Given the distance and time committed, he agreed to let me take it my own mechanic (ended up being a few of them) to diagnose and fix any problems; Jordan paid for all of it directly and was very apologetic about the situation.

At the end of the day I ended up sending the vehicle back to them; however they bought it back for my full payoff amount, handled return shipping and ensured that everything in the transaction, even if it didn't end with me having the truck I wanted, was as satisfactory as possible. I don't think any dealership I've ever dealt with before would have gone to those lengths to make something right and it definitely showed an immense amount of trustworthiness and good business sense.

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William - 2016 Ram 1500

05/03/20-We recently purchased our truck from Comodo Motors and it couldn’t have been more smooth. Our dealings with Paul were great. He was informative, not pushy(which is great from a car salesman), and very helpful every step of the way. We drove about an hour to see this particular vehicle, and Paul helped make that drive worth it. I would definitely recommend them for any service or vehicle. Looking at their inventory, it appears they only offer top notch vehicles, used or not. Very clean good looking stuff. Thanks for getting us into our new truck, drives like a dream.

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Cole - 2017 Volkswagen Golf R

04/04/21-Great to work with.

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Heather - 2015 Ford F150

06/30/20-Paul was super friendly and helpful! Office was very professional!

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